2013 The Office Set Visit

On Thursday February 7th 2013 Sally and I had the honour of visiting the set of The Office. Words can not begin to describe just how incredible this experience was. We have been such huge fans of the series for years and to be there, on set, with the actors, was almost unfathomable.

We arrived at the set around 10am and met up with our awesome tour guide Jackie. And within a few minutes we were in the Dunder Mifflin warehouse watching a scene being filmed. We were given some headsets to listen to the dialogue and watched the action play out before our very eyes.

Before we knew it a buzzer went off signaling they had cut, and Jackie was leading us towards where they were filming. As we approached I started to feel a little dazed, but not as anxious as I thought I would be. Ellie Kemper (Erin) rushed over and introduced herself immediately. She was such a sweetheart! And a few moments later Angela Kinsey (Angela Martin) came over and gave me a big hug. We “knew” each other from the #BoxTrade a few months back, and had chatted a little bit about the set visit.

TheOffice1We chatted for a few minutes. Angela told Ellie about the #BoxTrade, we talked a bit about our trip, Ellie talked about flying with Ryan Air. A few minutes later Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schrute) came over, asked if we wanted a photo, snagged my camera from Jackie, and snapped this:

TheOffice2Angela then grabbed the camera and took over. Not sure what’s happening here, but I obviously said something hilarious! ;)

TheOffice3And a proper shot:

TheOffice4Next we all started chatting and I started showing them The Thank You Book. Everyone seemed to think it was neat. Phew! We told them about The Office Thank You Project, and that over 500 fans had sent in personal Thank You’s for the book. Rainn asked if he could buy a copy, and we told them about the Digital Copy download (we set something up for the cast to get their own copies).

And then, it happened. Catherine Tate was standing RIGHT THERE. I think I just stared at her and then started laughing. It was the textbook definition of a fangirl moment. She was so sweet though. And got very excited when she realized that we’d come over from London! Rainn started cracking jokes about how no on in the states knows who she is, so this was a big moment for her. When we got back to the hotel later we discovered that someone (Angela or Jackie, I’m not sure) caught the moment on camera. How red am I?!

IMG_4898I then went to the farthest level of dork possible, as asked Catherine to sign a Donna Noble head shop that I purchased from The Who Shop in London…

photoShe showed the photo to Angela and Ellie, explaining this was her former life. Angela cracked up, asking what was up with with the outfit. Very funny. We then got some photos:

TheOffice5 TheOffice6 TheOffice7

In the midst of all this Angela said she was going to text Jenna Fischer (Pam Beesly/Halpert) to see if she was coming in while we were there. Jenna had sent us a message the night before explaining that she had some meetings and wasn’t able to make it. But Angela was hopeful, saying she might be coming by for a table read later.

Then it was time for them to start filming again, so we headed back towards the monitors around the corner. There we met Kim Ferry, the shows make-up artist. She asked if we wanted to go and see the make-up trailer, so we headed off with her. She showed us around, explained how they schedule everyone in in the morning, how the call sheets work, and tons of other neat little details like that. Ellie Kemper and Jake Palmer (Pete) were in the make-up trailer too, and were quite possibly the most adorable things ever. They were bickering (lightheartedly) and it was cracking us up!

Kim then took us in to the sound stage to show us the hair and make-up set up inside, and gave us a quick little tour around the set there.

We then headed back towards where the warehouse stage was to meet with Jackie. Next we went to the editing room to meet Dave Rogers. He told us all about editing the episodes, cutting and rebuilding scenes, showed us some examples, and even let us watch while he created some of a new opening credit sequence. It was very cool!

Craig Robinson popped in to the editing room while we were there:

theoffice14After that we headed back to the warehouse set to watch rehearsals for the next scene. It was really neat to see how they figure out the scenes before filming. They took a little break, and Angela came over to tell us that Jenna wasn’t able to make it to the table read, which we figured. She said something about Jenna saying we were cool, and showed us a text just in case we didn’t believe her! We’re pretty much the un-coolest people on Earth, so it made us smile! We got to chat with Angela for a bit. I didn’t think I could adore her more than I already did, but it somehow happened!

Creed then came over and introduced himself. He then started telling us all about his time in London, or what he could remember of it!

TheOffice8After that we headed over to the main stage to see the set. We took TONS of photos!

TheOffice9 TheOffice10TheOffice11 TheOffice12

theoffice16 theoffice13theoffice15We, of course, did Talking Heads:

talkingheadIMG_4949After playing around on set we got lunch. I’ve heard a lot of people who visit the set say that the food was amazing, and this is not a lie! Everything was delicious. And the desserts? Oh Em Gee. Amazing. How everyone there doesn’t weigh a thousand pounds is beyond me!

After lunch Kate Flannery (Meredith Palmer) stopped by to say hi. We got to chat with her for awhile- She was so, so nice!

theoffice17Our last stop on the tour was the Dunder Mifflin parking lot, where all of the characters cars are held. We checked out Meredith’s mini van, Jim and Pam’s Outback, and, of course, Dwight’s TransAm:

IMG_4990 IMG_4998 IMG_5017We also grabbed some shots in front of DM:

theoffice18 theoffice19As we finished playing around outside, Jackie came over with a box full of nifty-gifties. Shirts, mugs, water bottles, pens, a signed script, and a signed DVD. So cool! We added it to our collection of awesome SWAG from the day (we also got Blooper DVDs from Dave, and HairFerry mats from Kim):

photo(1)Our second-to-last stop was back towards the cast trailers where Jackie said Jenna had a present for each of us. There we left a Thank You Book for Greg Daniels, and one for Jenna, as well as cards with link to Digital Copies for anyone who wanted one.

We then headed back through the DM office set one last time, and ran in to Craig Robinson again. He was sitting in Darryl’s office using the computer! We chatted with him for a bit, showed him the book, and took a photo.

theoffice20Funny moment: When we showed him the book he said “I’m really sorry… someone sent me this already!” Turns out a friend of his got a digital copy of The Thank You Book and sent it along. No issue for us- It was meant for them to see! He then started flipping through the book to show us a few things. First was a photo of him, which was in a collage that a fan made. He said he loved the photo. He then started flipping through to find a specific photo that he wanted to mention. It was actually of Sally, myself, Jenna Fischer and Lee Kirk (Jenna’s husband). He talked about how good looking Jenna’s husband was, and how good the photo was!

After that it was time to go. We said our goodbyes to Jackie and headed off.

It was such an awesome day. Everyone there was so friendly and nice. They made us feel so welcomed and it made the day even more perfect. I wish I could thank each and every one of them!

So, yeah. Good day.



6 Replies to “2013 The Office Set Visit”

  1. You gals rocked Dunder Mifflin! Thank you for such a wonderful report and thanks to the cast of The Office who were so awesomely awesome!

  2. Spencer, this is amazing! And so well-deserved, after all the work you did! Just … congratulations, thank you for sharing, and YES!

    Also, Catherine Tate!! She is wonderful. :)
    Alla (Peanutgallery — from MTT).

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