2012 The Angela Kinsey #BoxTrade

I couldn’t resist doing up a #BoxTrade Blog. The whole experience has been so much fun, and I just want to share it with everyone!

If you’re completely lost on what I’m talking about, let me take you back to the beginning. I love The Office. I love Twitter. And over the past couple of years the fabulous cast of the show that I love have been signing up to my favourite social media site. And it’s been awesome. I mean, seriously. Without Twitter I don’t think I’d have met Jenna Fischer earlier this year, or any of the many awesome fandom folks who have come in to my life in the last few years.

But, coming back to the point! On October 1st Angela Kinsey tweeted the following:

So, I tweeted her! And a week later, this happened:


So, over the next few days Sally and I set about making up a box to send to Miss Angela.

What Was Sent:

  • Internet lingo necklaces (found in the closet.)
  • Will and Kate paper masks (leftover from a party.)
  • Diamond Jubilee cupcake decoration kit (we never got around to using.)
  • Salt & Pepper pots (they were in a box to be thrown away!)
  • Chocolate and sweets (store bought, but everyone MUST try Wispa and Haribo!)
  • Keychain

The package reached Angela in early November.

And after a long, stressful month of waiting, mine arrived today!

What Was Received:

  • Autographed photo
  • Autographed script
  • The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson mug
  • Book: Film Listography
  • Oceana oven mitt
  • Michael Scott Notebook
  • Karen Ehart necklace
  • Cloth print
  • Toys

Autographed photo and script: The photo is an official NBC promo image, with a lovely personal message on it; and the script is for the season 5 episode “Broke”, also signed!

The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson mug: I’m way too excited about this! TLLS is by far my favourite talk show, and I’ve had a crush on Craig Ferguson since I was about 8 years old, so…

Film Listography book: This is really cool! It’s a journal where you list all of your favourite films in just about every category imaginable!

Oceana Oven Mitt: What luck- I needed an oven mitt!

For those that don’t know, Oceana is a great NGO that do conservation work for the worlds oceans. Angela and Rachael Harris did some advocacy work for the organization a couple years back. Here are a couple of their hilarious clips from the PSA they did:

Michael Scott Notebook: I was forced to part with all my awesome Office Target items when I moved the UK a few months back, so I’m thrilled to have something again!

Karen Ehart necklace: It’s a neat piece of glass jewellery, that looks like it may (I’m making a guess based on some info online) have been a lovely gift from the Humane Society Luxury Lounge event held earlier this year. Oh la la!

Cloth print: I’m really curious about this one! It’s lovely and appears to be from Indonesia. I’d love to hear the story behind it!

Toys: A bat and Daisy Duck!

So, I adore this entire #BoxTrade thing! Not only did I get to chat and exchange stuff with one of my favourite celebrities (!!!), but I also now have some trinkets and things to put around my new room! I moved last week and have next to no stuff. No more!

I think Angela Kinsey will be doing this again, and I definitely think it’s a great idea. It was so much fun! Aside from a scare that the package she sent me was lost, that is. But, it arrived safe and sound, and definitely made my day!

Thank you, Angela! You’re awesome. Your box was awesome (TWSS). This whole thing was awesome!

Spencer xoxo

Oh, excuse my shameless plug for anyone who comes across this! Please visit
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5 Replies to “2012 The Angela Kinsey #BoxTrade”

  1. That is so cool! I love it when celebs are personable with their fans. She is SO funny on the Office (and in real life, as I see from your post and her tweets). I hope she gets other people from the show to do this. I’d love to do a box trade with John Krasinski, Kate Flannery, or Creed Bratton.

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