2009 “Niagara” Filming

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I’ll start at the beginning…

I walked down to the Canadian side of the falls and it was pretty clear that I wouldn’t be getting much of a view from there. I decided to wander across the bridge to the U.S. side and have a look. I walked for over an hour from one side of the park to the other and didn’t see anything. I was feeling really discouraged and decided to head home when I noticed a rental truck with a food table behind it off on a side street…

I got closer and saw that there was a small crowd and lots of production type people. I went over to someone (whom I’m fairly certain is aimzers friend as she told me she worked in the park and talked about a friend of hers who was really into the show too but was flying out to NYC today and couldn’t be there!) who told me it was definitely TO that was shooting. She said they were just told shooting would begin in about twenty minutes. Again, I seriously couldn’t believe my luck!This, I would soon after learn, is the hotel where Jim and Pam are staying:

Next, Paul and Randall got to set:

Then Jenna and John:

And finally, Mindy arrived:

So after this they told us they would be doing a number of shots and they asked us to please not take pictures. They said if everyone complied we’d get a photo-op at the end. There weren’t many people there, and thank goodness, everyone put their cameras away and there was no trouble.

What they shot:

1. Jim and Pam pulling up to the hotel. They did 2 or 3 takes of them coming around the corner and parking. Note: The car in the first pic (the silver Subaru Outback) is Jam’s. Complete with PA plates. So they came around and went a few times, but they drove right past us every time, which was awesome! Also worth a note: John is quite the 3-point turner! . Also, as they were heading into the car, John waved at us. It was really sweet, and I may have responded with a somewhat ridiculous arm spasm type wave. Good times.

2. Next they did a few scenes of them getting out of the car.

3. Next was them unpacking the car. This scene had dialogue and they did about 7 takes. The car is parked where you see it in the first picture. John is getting a brown duffle back out of the hatch trunk, and Jenna is getting a large garment bag out of the bag seat. I assume it’s her wedding dress, which means they wedding must take place in Niagara Falls. The first couple of scenes John got his bag and turned to talk to the camera. It was difficult to hear what we was saying, but we made out “We’re here at the majestic Statler Falls Motel” and something like “who’d of thought”. He keeps talking and starts to look kind of dazed. Jenna comes up behind him and waves her hand in front of his face and then nudges him to the hotel entrance. In the last few takes he leans against a lightpost, with his arm up by his head. The rest in mainly the same. In some takes as they’re walking into the hotel he puts his arm around her, in other he nudges him all the way through the door. Oh, and random note: In every scene between grabbing his back and talking to the camera he looked over at us. It was fun.

4. Lastly, they did 3 takes of a ridiculously cheesy thing that I cannot wait to see on screen. They stood in front of this sign:

They each stood on either side and pointed at it. They then did this adorable thing where Jenna turns her back to John puts her arms over her chest and falls back into him.

That was it for the shooting. We then got our promised photo-op with Jenna and John:

They then walked back to the van, which pulled up in front of us and got in. Five feet away from both of them!

Oh! Also, between takes Mindy made a crack about not being able to see Jenna’s bump so she came out and showed it off. It was really cute.

So, yeah, not a bad day.