You better work.

I stepped up my job application game last autumn, resulting in several interview offers. Though I didn’t receive any job offers, I did get a lot of great feedback and made it farther in one process than I ever had before. So while the outcome wasn’t what I’d hoped, the experience was a positive.

After spending a couple of months putting applications together, I now find that I have several different versions of my resume, each suited for different types of jobs. In browsing through these I can’t help but think of how many jobs I’ve omitted from my resume, whether is be for space constraints or irrelevancy. And then I realize that I’m not even sure I can remember every single job I’ve ever had!

This thought has led me here, where in a mix of curiosity and boredom, I will try and list every paid job I’ve ever worked, no matter how short my time there was. Let’s start at the beginning…

2002-2004: ST – Elevator Operator, Arcade Attendant
2004-2005: IT – Usher, Cashier, Parking Lot Attendant
2005-2005: ES – Breakfast Hostess
2006-2006: ST – Projectionist, Reservation Agent, Cashier
2006-2006: IT – Usher, Cashier, Parking Lot Attendant
2007-2007: OSI – Server
2007-2007: IT – Usher, Cashier, Parking Lot Attendant
2007-2011: NFT – Tourism Counsellor
2008-2008: CNH – Reservation Agent
2010-2011: ABM – Customer Service Representative
2011-2012: SCCN – Usher, Parking Lot Attendant, Cashier
2011-2012: SKI – Programs Assistant (Intern)
2012-2012: BT – Telemarketer
2012-2012: CRUK – Telephone Fundraiser
2012-2012: NHM – Retail Sales Associate
2012-2012: EB – Watch Salesperson
2012-2012: PS – Receptionist
2013-2013: VFTS – Project Coordinator, Customer Service Representative
2013-2013: SCCN – Front of House Coordinator
2013-2014: VFTS – Administrator, Customer Service Representative
2013-2014: TWC – Museum Services Assistant
2014-2014: SKUK – Communications Coordinator (Intern)
2014-2014: BRC – MAPS Assistant (Intern)
2014-2014: MCS – Supporter Donations Assistant
2014-2014: HNC – Ticket Taker, Poncho Distributor, People Counter
2014-2015: CI – Front Desk Agent
2015-2017: CC – Visitor Services Officer
2015-2016: MC – Ticket Agent, Cash Room Clerk
2015-2016: ON – Retail Sales Associate
2016-2016: SK – Brand Specialist
2016-2016: HS – Project Coordinator
2016-2016: OTW – Communications Coordinator (Intern)
2016-2016: CX – Technical Support Representative
2017-2017: REV – Transcriber

There are over 30 employers on this list (though some are listed several times, for example IM, which I quit and returned to three times), and I feel quite certain that there’s one or two that I’ve completely forgotten, and will come to me later!

And boy, does this list make me feel like a flake! But in my defense, I spent highschool and university working summer jobs in a tourist town, where you typically had to find new employment at the end of ever summer season AND needed to procure multiple jobs in order to work 40 hours per week. After that I moved to London where I worked as temp, so several of these were just short-term contracts. And from 2014 onward you’re looking at upwards of four jobs held at one time just to pay the bills.

Oh, the joys of precarious employment!

Can you list all of your jobs?




I’ve had a couple of interviews lately for local summer jobs, all with the same feedback: “You’re overqualified and we worry you’ll leave mid-summer if a career opportunity arises.” For some of these I simply submitted a resume with no education or internship experience listed (as I’ve learned I need to do that to get an interview), but it was all for not because the latest interviewer looked me up on LinkedIn.

I’m starting to feel so disheartened.

I’ve applied to hundreds and hundreds of jobs in the last six months, and it seems I’m either overqualified or under-qualified for just about everything. Local jobs see me as a flight risk, jobs in my intended field see me as inexperienced. Or at least I assume- I’ve yet to even manage an interview in the latter! Who knows- Maybe it’s mixed in with something else? Is there something off-putting about my resume? I change it up quite drastically every few months now, assuming the existing is ineffective. Have I lost sight of something? Or I am simply just too mediocre to be a desirable asset to any company out there?

I know finding your first proper job takes time, but I’m not sure how much longer I can manage without an income. The stress of scrapping together $500 for the first of every month just to cover my student loan repayments is painstaking. I’ve become the epitome of cheap, no longer spending money. I barter comms work for toiletries, shoes, and birthday presents for my godchildren. I don’t leave the house much, because staying in = not spending money. I meticulously budget the use giftcards from Christmas. And then I rack up credit card debt to pay for monthly prescriptions, because it’s the only option.

Something will come along (I have to keep telling myself that). I’m grateful that at least for time being I have a roof over my head, and food on my table (thanks, mom). I’m grateful that I’ve been able to spend this off time working to get my health in order. I’m grateful for those family and friends who haven’t given up on me yet, in spite of my often downer mood and poor attitude (I’m sorry about that, by the way).

There’s opportunity on the horizon, I hope.

ranbowNiagara Falls, Feb 28th 2015