London’s Calling…

And in one month I’ll be answering!



Arctic Freeze

We’re in an arctic freeze here at the moment, with daily windchill temperatures ranging between -25° and -35° Celsius. Brrr… This has led to more ice buildup than usual on The Falls, so I thought I’d wander down this morning and get some photos.









Lake Chautauqua

I spent this past weekend in Chautauqua, NY with my brothers (and dad, who was sick and spent the whole trip in bed). It was a lot of fun. My brothers and I don’t get to spend a lot of time together, almost never just out doing our own thing, so I really enjoyed it.

We stayed at a cottage on the lake. Totally frozen, the lake was covered in snowmobiles and ice fisherman. We wandered a closed amusement park, checked out the Chautauqua Institute, and got lost in Mayville.

5The Midway8The Midway4The Midway3Lake Chautauqua 2Lake Chautauqua 7Lake Chautauqua 6Lake Chautauqua 1Lake Chautauqua – Sunset

Autumn With Bruce & Glen

Happy Thanksgiving! I spent a lovely day solo hiking the Bruce Trail and at the Niagara Glen, and then finished it off with a pumpkin spice muffin. Mmm. The colours are pretty amazing right now. Niagara in the autumn really is a sight.

autumn2Bruce Trail

autumn5Queenston Quarry

autumn4Queenston Quarry

autumn3Queenston Quarry

autumn1Niagara Glen  autumn6Niagara Glen 


Four years ago I started this blog as a way to post updates while I was backpacking around Europe. At the time I was simply posting a few random, unedited photos from the road, all taken with an old Canon point-and-shoot. By the time I returned home I had several thousand pictures, and never really got around to sorting through them all.

Feeling reminiscent this morning, I decided to have a quick scroll through the albums and pick out a favourite(ish) shot from each stop on the trip. Here we go:

EnglandLondon, England

ScotlandEdinburgh, Scotland

Northern IrelandCounty Antrim, Northern Ireland

IrelandCountryside, Ireland

CzechPrague, Czech Republic

AustriaCountryside, Austria

GermanyBerchstagen, Germany

ItalyVenice, Italy

SpainMontserrat, Spain

FranceParis, France

SwedenStockholm, Sweden

FinlandHelsinki, Finland

I desperately hope I can do another Europe trip like this one day. There’s so many places I didn’t get to visit! Berlin, Nuremberg, Budapest, Geneva, Lisbon, Vienna, Zagreb, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Oslo, Sofia, Madrid, Warsaw, etc, etc, etc.

Though I still haven’t written off the idea of going to Germany for a year, so maybe if I do I can knock most of those off the list while there!

Jacob Xavier

I recently ordered a 50mm lens on the recommendation of Saira, and boy was that a good decision! The clarity on this thing is unreal, and the inability to zoom really forces you to consider and frame your shots carefully.

After it arrived my best buddy Jacob offered himself as test subject while I became familiar with the lens. And since there’s few things more photogenic than this blonde haired, blue eyed gentleman, he found himself in an impromptu photo shoot:







He lasted about 10 minutes before telling me to put the camera away and play pirates with him. And since I seem to currently have the same attention span of a 6 year old, this was fine by me.