Labour Day 2015

For the first time ever I went away for Labour Day weekend! I spent 4.5 days in Toronto and it was fab. I spent time with old friends, new friends, and saw three of my favourite celebs: Idina Menzel, Gillian Anderson, and Hayley Atwell.

After somehow making it through the most stressful interview of my life on Wednesday afternoon I headed to Toronto where I met up with Gen at her office. She kindly took my suitcase, and I ran off to see Idina Menzel for the 9th time.

SMall IMG_8022Idina Menzel, Sept 2 2015, Sony Centre

I didn’t make it through the whole show, as I was out-of-my-mind tired, so I snuck out during the encore.

On Thursday I headed to the awesome sauce hotel a friend and I had booked on a Fan Expo group discount (woo!), and they thankfully let me check in 4 hours early. I had a nap and after waking up and receiving a message from one of my favourite people in whole world (who I had not seen in 2 years) hurried off to meet Kiloran. While sitting on her balcony we realized it had been 10 years since we met at the castle, and decided to mark the occasion by attempting to recreate one of the many ridiculous photos we had taken during our first year on university. Because it turns out we’re just as cool as we were in 2005…

11891415_10100115772294914_1427146033049869263_oPhoto 1: 2005, Photos 2-4: 2015

Later that evening I headed to the airport to pick up Caitlin, and making our way back into the city.

IMG_0203The view from our hotel room. Not too shabby!

On Friday we toured around Toronto, since Caitlin had never been before. We mostly wandered, and thankfully the temperature earlier in the day wasn’t too bad!

IMG_2595The Distillery District

On Saturday we met up with Gen who took us over to Centre Island. We went earlier in the day, so it was busy at all! We wandered from one end to other and then headed back and grabbed lunch at the waterfront.

11952030_10100116473374944_8242612731677427721_nView of the city from Centre Island

Later in the afternoon Caitlin wasn’t feeling so hot, so she went back to the hotel to rest. Gen and I went for a nice walk down Queen Street and then back to the hotel to go swimming. It was so nice to catch up! She even mentioned how much better I seem to doing from the last time we met up a few months ago, which was really nice to hear. It’s one thing to think you’re doing better, but another to have someone acknowledge it.

IMG_0394Poolside, Sheraton Centre

Sunday was the BIG DAY: Fan Expo Canada. We arrived around 9:30 and spent an hour or so checking out all of the booths. It’s a bit overwhelming, even with knowing what I was walking into!

Our first scheduled event was a photo op with Hayley Atwell. We were both excited and nervous, especially being near the front of the line. If you’re not familiar with photo ops, to say they’re rushed is an understatement. Someone shouts at you to drop your bags, then stand on the red line, and then suddenly you’re just standing in front of the person, the photo is snapped, and you’re out. Now, unfortunately I can get kind of manic in such circumstances, so I may have bolted towards Ms. Atwell, said ‘hi’, and then just dove in for a side hug/cuddle. She said ‘WHOA!’ and the photographer started laughing. I really have no memory of what happened, but you can tell by the photo that she was caught off guard!

HayleyHayley Atwell

Up next was the Gillian Anderson Q&A, which was awesome. She was hilarious, people asked some really great questions, and she told some great stories.

11947976_10100116472361974_1199287061996281017_oGillian Anderson Q&A

Next up was the Gillian Anderson photo op, which was pure chaos. And I was so nervous to meet her! After the tackle debacle that morning I decided I really needed to chill out, which worked out. Phew! We were rushed in, I said something like “It’s so amazing to meet you!”, and she said “Thank you!” We all squeezed in for the photo and Gillian declared “I’m in the middle!”

GillianGillian Anderson

The last thing on our schedule for the day was the Hayley Atwell Q&A. Unfortunately when we went to line up an hour and a half before it started, the line was already out of control. We sat in it for awhile, but Caitlin needed to leave it early to get to the airport in time, so in the end we decided to just head out and get some dinner.

After that we both headed home, exhausted!

Thanks Toronto, Fan Expo, and awesome friends for a great mini holiday. Next Up: New York City!