Life, Love, and CNN

As many of you know my life is vast stretches of boredom punctuated my moments of random and moderately exciting events. (Yes, I altered the old war adage there, sue me.) Aside from the drunken woman inviting me to hang with Meryl Streep in November, not much has been happening as of late. I’ve been sick, unable to find a job, and generally just blah on the current state of things.

Though in January I decided to make the best of the blah, and have gone on a bit of self-improvement kick. I’ve been seeing a counsellor and recently began taking part in an ‘Anxiety and Panic Management’ group. I figured it’s time to get this Panic Disorder under control, so it doesn’t kick my butt quite as badly when I finally do find permanent work. I’ve also decided to give the whole healthy living thing a go (it’s all the rage, I hear) and joined a gym. I had my first session this morning with my dad’s personal trainer. It was painful (literally) but I’m going to do my best to keep it up. I think my dad’s persistence will help keep me in line.

I’ve also been doing some freelance comms work. I’m taking payment in the form of home-cooked meals, handmade gifts, sneakers, and rides, but at least it’s experience. And it’s keeping me busy, which is much needed.

In other news- Two loves of my life had birthdays this month. Sir Percy turned one, and my BFF Jacob is seven! Time sure does fly.


Percy’s party was this past weekend, and we’re celebrating Jacob’s birthday in a few days. He’s requested to spend the night in hotel rather than have a party, and I’ve been invited to join. I’m excited to spend the special day with him and mum.

Going back to my original statement about bits of random excitement- I actually was hit with such a moment last week. It was no Meryl moment (really, what could top that?), but it was still pretty cool. I was contacted by CNN who asked if they could use some of my photos. It started out just on their iReport section, but the photos were liked by Travel department, who used them in an article. As a result I got a shout-out on


Ah, my 15 minutes of fame! How fun you were.

Now back to the monotony. Oh, and I’m still waiting to hear about my eyes. //Groans in frustration//


3 Replies to “Life, Love, and CNN”

  1. So I have nothing to go on to prove this, but last week my father stopped me to show pictures from a newscast that were of the Falls all iced and look like yours. We’re yours show on TV, do you know? That would just be really awesome, if your pictures were some of what we saw. :)

    1. RUBY! Oh, I’ve missed you so much! They didn’t tell me that they’d be used on TV, but I think it’s possible. The producer said that different departments were interested. I know a local photographer took some incredible night shots that were shown on TV, but I don’t know about mine. That would very awesome if you saw them though!

      1. It would be, and I’d kind of like to just go ahead and say at least one of the ones I saw was one of yours. :)

        And I’ve missed you, too! I feel badly, I’ve kind of dropped out of sight. Hopefully I can be a little better at being in touch, or at least checking in occasionally! ♥

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