What does the universe do to the gal who was having a million panic attacks thinking about her upcoming trip and had actually decided not to go up until 5 minutes or so before she left? Why, strand her at her destination, of course!

If you’re unaware- I am currently stuck in New York City and am not sure when I’ll get home. I was meant to head out at the break of dawn Tuesday, but some nasty storms have swept through Buffalo. Seriously, it’s horrifying what’s happening: 70-some-odd inches of snow have fallen in the last 48 hours and several people have frozen to death in their cars after being buried. The NY state thruway will be closed until at least Friday, all cross-border bus and train services have been suspended, trucks aren’t being allowed to enter the US on the Peace Bridge. And the snow is still coming down!

There’s now thousands of people stranded in The City (and elsewhere), and I’m incredibly grateful to have friends who don’t mind a couch surfer. I know others aren’t as lucky, and I hope no one has found themselves in a dire situation. I might be tight on cash, but I’m safe, warm, and surrounded by good company.

And aside from the being stranded, I’m having a nice time. I’ve been to several shows, including Idina Menzel’s newest. I visited The Strand for the first time, and looked at banned books with Paul Giamatti. I people watched in Washington Square Park, visited the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, took a road trip with Vi to Baltimore, had a mini MTT reunion lunch with Carly, Sara, and Annie, wandered the West Village, Union Square, Washington Heights, and did Trivia Tuesday in Harlem with some students from Columbia.

I have photos, but I’ll save those for another day. Well, okay, here’s one:

7604_935526162634_4409259616828671911_nBrooklyn Colours