On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Let me preempt this by mentioning that I haven’t slept in… 45 hours… so any lack of coherence that follows can be blamed entirely on that fact.

There isn’t much to report since my last blog post. I’m still unemployed and sick. Other than that I’ve been spending time with Tara and the kiddos, starting a few new shows (Orphan Black, Happy Endings, Luther), and attempting to regain some false semblance of control over my life.

I tagged along on a trek to Happy Roplhs, which was fun. Lily loved the animals, while Percy chilled as usual:

IMG_1279 (Every nearly 3 year old should have a Return of the Jedi shirt, FYI)

I’ve been having some terrible bouts of insomnia, so one morning I decided to wander down to The Falls at 5-something am to see if I could get some nice photos. Mission accomplished! The following photos haven’t been altered at all, this is completely natural colouring:





As I mentioned above, I’m still sick (and likely will be for the next while). It has me feeling both mentally and physically blah. I’m starting to get those oh-so-fun physical reactions that occur when your immune system goes off the wire: Frequent fevers, tremors, sleep disruption, anemia, blood sugar wackiness, and then a few weeks ago my hair started falling out. I haven’t been through a bout this bad since high school, so I’d definitely forgotten how grueling it feels.

Anyway, back on point! Saddened by the realization that I’ll probably have to chop my hair off at some point, and goaded on by what I’m sure is a misguided attempt to regain control, I decided to dye my hair pink. Well, some of it. Why not, right?


A million thanks to Miss Julia for her help in achieving this. I love how it turned out!