Another Sickly Summer

But, of course.

Remember last year when I went all toxic and wound up in bed for 6 months? If not, the short story is: I was on immunosuppressant medication for auto-immune disease, and said medication was technically a carcinogen that built up in my system for 10 years until officially poisoning me. As such I went off the medication to clear up the toxicity.

And as happens when one stops taking medication for a chronic condition: I’ve relapsed.


The likely course of treatment this time around is surgery, which I understand from reading online forums (always a fantastic idea, by the way) is incredibly terrible and painful. Yay… And since I’m not in dire need of treatment (aka I’m just ‘sick’, not yet ‘dying’), the surgery will be at some unforeseeable point in the future.

Until then, I’m not too sure what to do. I’m anemic (and will remain so until this is resolved) and am in a moderate amount of regular “discomfort”, so full-time employment isn’t really feasible. I’ve found a few part-time postings in the area though, and am waiting to hear back. Fingers crossed.

I’m also appreciating my time in London even more now. And I don’t just mean the readily available doctors a stones throw away and free prescriptions (though, my gawd, I miss those things already!). But appreciating that I was able to spend the time I was well doing something exciting. Life is far too short to waste, and having to frequently stop and shut it all down to get better is never fun. I like to at least be content that I’m using my good days/weeks/months as best I can.

Speaking of which, I spent the last few days on a nice mini-getaway with my mom and gramma:

IMG_0881 IMG_6471 IMG_4637

Also, random note: I’ve changed up my ‘About’ section.


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