Winds In The East

There’s a mist coming in. Like somethin’ is brewin’ and ’bout to begin…

IMG_6241Taken on my lunch break today, Vauxhall

There are a lot of changes coming over the next month, and rather than stressing and worrying about everything at once I’m going to make an effort to focus solely on just the next few days. Which, luckily enough, are pretty darn awesome at the moment.

Tomorrow after work I’ll be going to Royal Albert Hall for the first time ever, which I’m super excited about. They’re showing Star Trek (2009) with a live orchestra performing the score! A million thanks to Jenny for the heads up on that one. I wound up getting an obstructed view ticket as regular tickets to Royal Albert Hall are out of my price range, but hopefully the seat won’t be too bad.

Following that, on Friday I’m taking a day of annual leave and heading to Oslo for the weekend to see Marita! I’ve never been to Norway, so I’m, once again, super excited. It’s going to have to be the cheapest holiday ever, but, that’s okay. Touring a city on a budget of almost nothing always tends to lead to discovering the most interesting spots.