So, I seemed to have worried people with my post last night- My apologies! It was an exercise is stream of conscious writing, which seemed to weigh quite negatively once it got going. I’ve decided to balance it out with a nice, light post tonight.

Starting with: I’m finished my internship! Now I need to write a paper, submit it, and I’ll FINALLY be finished this damn postgrad! It’s taken years longer than it should have, but c’est le vie.

To celebrate this momentous occasion a friend and I gallivanted around London in a spectacularly random adventure. Said random adventure may have centered around a search for Halal KFC, but that’s neither here nor there… *cringes in embarrassment at the admission of that*

We started off at Elephant & Castle, moving to Tower of London and discovering a closed shop. After a quick wander around Trinity Green we hoped on the tube to Camden. We found food, and then went to sit by Camden Locke. As it was closing in on 10pm at this point the area was deserted.

photo 1

photo 4

After that we wandered the canal, discovering a series of bridges with blacklight set-ups. Very cool!

photo 4(1)

Our next stop was Primrose Hill, the highest point in London. I’d never been before, and will definitely have to get back during the day at some point. It offers a phenomenal view of city skyline:

photo 3(1)

photo 2(1)

photo 1(1)

Anyway, it’s nearly 3am, so I should get to bed! I have a job interview tomorrow afternoon, so at least I can sleep in.

(Title: I’m watching Silver Linings Playbook, so, you know.)


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