Moving Upward? Onward? Country? Somewhere?

I’m referring to “moving” in both the literal and figurative sense.

In less than 3 weeks I’ll be completing my internship, submitting my final paper, and anxiously awaiting the result. The sense of relief I’m feeling at having my postgrad completed is immeasurable. The finish line within view. Finally.

And this of course means that I need to decide how to move forward.

I’ve been sending out resumes for job postings in London, but the window of opportunity is very quickly shrinking. My visa is up in August, after which I’ll require sponsorship from an employer. And my chances of being granted sponsorship dwindle greatly if I’m unable to work my first 3 months without it. Ah, the joys of working abroad.

The second, and most likely, option is to finish up here and move back to Canada. In this case I think I’d like to stay until the summer, alternating work and travel. There’s still trips to Germany, Norway, and the Netherlands to be taken, after all!

The big decision upon returning to Canada will be deciding where to live. Toronto? Ottawa? Vancouver? Staying in Niagara is not an option, but will likely be temporarily necessary during the job-hunt, which I’m terrified will take years (as is the case with most people I know).

And, of course, there’s adventurous option 3: Another working holiday. I’ve always thought I’d like to try a year in Germany, but my inability to grasp the language will probably be a bit of an issue…

So, big decisions ahead. It’s equal parts exciting and terrifying.