What A Strange, Sad Day It’s Been*

*Not really.

How’s everybody doing? Good? Good.

Life has been topsy-turvy on my end for the past couple of months. Go figure! With the good comes the bad and all that, so at least I can say life is well balanced at the moment.

I’m also feeling much more connected to London this time round, which is helping overall, I think. I take the bus or walk almost everywhere these days which makes the city somehow feel more tangible. Granted the areas that I walk and bus are probably equivalent to about 1% of London! But I did discover that I’m a half decent tour guide around this 1% (half because while I didn’t get us lost on the 5 mile walk, I also didn’t really know any, you know, facts…) when a friend from NYC was over a few weeks ago. I’ll take that as a win.

Here’s a further breakdown of the past 2 months, should anyone care…

The Good:

  • Sir Percival Henry (baby bro of Miss Lillian) entered the world a month ago and he’s perfect. I can not wait to meet him this summer!
  • The internship is just about 2/3 done and I think is going well, all things considered.
  • I’ve been social on a regular basis (what?! I know).
  • I’ve gotten out to see a number of great films and gigs.
  • I’ve survived the night bus on multiple occasions.
  • There were a couple of weeks of completely gorgeous weather. Like, you could see the sun. I was even able to sit out on the terrace in a tee several times!
  • A litre of milk is £1.
  • I’ve watched the Veronica Mars Movie 5 times.
  • Tumblr.

The Bad:

  • Health Thing 1: Pneumonia.
  • Health Thing 2: Ulcer + infection = ouch.
  • Health Thing 3: Depression + new meds + side effects of new meds = not fun at all.
  • Awkward Moment 1: Finding out the person I’m interning for is younger than I am.
  • Awkward Moment 2: Sitting on a crowded bus at 1am with my slightly inebriated boss who decides that this is the right moment to start asking about my trust issues.
  • Awkward Moment 3: Drunk roommate asking why I don’t really date.
  • Tumblr.

The Ugly:

  • My face after the above bus incident.
  • Getting fired 6 days ago for a ridiculous reason (inflexible, seriously?).
  • Getting fired 6 days ago over email for a ridiculous reason.
  • Getting fired 6 days ago over email for a ridiculous reason from the most arduously inept department I have seen in my entire life. Apparently my refusal to just “let whatever happens, happen”, desire to get things in line, and suggestion of cross-departmental coordination was overstepping my bounds. Not to mention working on all of my days off, until 2am, etc.
  • My bitterness over the above.
  • Tumblr.

So, yeah. I’m trying not to get too down on myself about the job. I hated it, I was constantly butting heads with the department manager over every little thing, and I wound up with the ulcer listed above from trying to balance 2 jobs and an internship (the other job subsequently finished this past weekend).

My mom has been sending me messages about how everything happens for a reason, and saying I’ll be able to get myself where I need to be, etc. I can go with that. And days when that’s not quite cutting it I’m somehow lucky enough to have friends who get me out of the house to films, concerts, clubs; or who gladly join me on my couch as I binge eat pizza, marathon Star Trek, and bask in self pity.

Bent, but not broken, as they say. With less stress I’ll be able to focus more energy on my internship, and with more time and no money I’ll have the motivation to hunker down and find myself a proper, grown-up job. I’m basically following the wise advice of Joey and Chandler: