I Like You, September

September has been good so far.

Earlier this week I went to the doctors and got some excellent news: My toxicity has finally cleared up, which means my blood is clean, my liver and kidney function has returned to normal, my lungs are clear for the first time since December, and my white count is back into the safe range. I still have some infection and inflammation (which is what was causing the high protein levels and liver issues the week prior), but it’s minor and nothing we’re going to worry about at the moment.

I’m not able to go back on my UC meds, as they’re what caused all of this in the first place. I’ve been put in remission status for it and am hoping that it’ll stick. If not, it’s back to Mac for more treatment. There’s a UC treatment trial that just started there and will be happening for the next couple of years, so if I do have a flare-up that’s an option. It sounds pretty promising, so I’ll definitely be keeping it in mind. My only other option is steroids, which I’m reluctant on. Last time I wound up in the ICU for 2 weeks with heart issues.

Anyway. Doctors say I should start feeling better in the next few weeks. I don’t think I could be more relieved! I was starting to get optimistic over the past month or so. The debilitating exhaustion I’d had since the spring was finally going away, which I was very much hoping to be a good sign. And it was!

And more good news came at that same appointment, with my travel ban being lifted! And not just the recent once, all of them. With the UC meds I wasn’t allowed to travel to any area of the world which required any kind of vaccinations, as the medications purpose was to suppress my immune system to a minimum. And then a few months ago when the toxicity was confirmed I was pretty much banned from traveling anywhere. But, with things getting back to normal, and no meds, I’m free! For me, this means I can apply to field internships, which I never could before. I’m very excited.

So, that brings us up to the 3rd. Heh.

Today I did a 5K fun run with Julia, Jane, and Jennifer. It was Run Or Dye, a very colourful and exciting event!

1 2 3  Our team:

Fun Run

Next weekend I’m heading to NYC and am really looking forward to it. It’s Vi’s birthday, and we haven’t done a proper theatre weekend since my birthday in 2011. It is long overdue! I didn’t even see any Broadway shows on my last 2 trips to NYC. What?! I know.

After that there’s no set plans. I need to get back to London to get my stuff, but am holding off on that until I have a better idea of what’s going with some other stuff.

September brings all that, the start of Autumn, season premieres, more shifts at work, and the much needed temperature drop. So, I like September. A lot.


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  1. I cannot tell you how incredibly happy I am for you! Life is finally turning your way and giving you some of the wonderful things you so richly deserve. Hooray for September! :)

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