Christmas In London

Christmas 2012 was a new kind of Christmas. My mom traveled to London and we spent a week here doing touristy things. It was very different, but a lot of fun. Sadly the only photos I have at the moment are from my phone. I took a lot with her camera, but then forgot my SD card reader and couldn’t get the photos on to my computer! Ah well. Hopefully my iPhone pics will suffice for now.

Over the course of the week we:

  • Wandered around Christmas markets on the Thames
  • Climbed the dome at St. Paul’s Catherdral
  • Shopped on Oxford Street
  • Did a Charles Dickens walking tour (around Trafalgar Square, Embankment, West End, Covent Garden)
  • Toured Westminster Abbey
  • Saw The Hobbit at the IMAX
  • Visited Harrodds
  • Wandered the Science Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum, and The Natural History Museum.
  • Wandered Hyde Park
  • Ate at Hummingbird Bakery
  • Went to North London for dinner with Sally and Karen
  • Toured Tower of London
  • Visited Buckingham Palace
  • Visited The British Museum

View from the top of St. Paul’s:

23749_736307313804_499168664_nChristmas Day Charles Dickens Walking Tour (Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden):

563773_736500436784_551370287_n 557169_736532916694_1731581892_n 406591_736526105344_191123263_nHummingbird Bakery:

397635_736873833494_611571302_nHaving lunch at Buckingham Palace:

393061_737041512464_1070030160_nThe British Museum:

545469_737049721014_273341217_nI think she had a good time in London. She kept talking about wanting to come again, so that’s a good sign!


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  1. Very nice picture’s Spencer!!!… I am glad you had a good Christmas with your mom :) It look’s like you had fun!

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