On The Mend

Well, so to speak!

I’m feeling much better. While life hasn’t actually changed all that much, I’m feeling a bit more positive at the moment. Which is definitely something!

New Years is 7 short weeks away, and I’ve decided to make the most out of what is left of 2012. I have an interview for another temp job later this week, which *fingers crossed* will go well. And I’m spending Friday in central London with a friend to do some shopping and exploring.

At the end of the month Orla is coming to London, which I’m very excited about. I haven’t seen her since February, so it will be wonderful to see her! The next week Aideen, who I also haven’t seen since February, is coming to town. She’s spent the last 6 months or so on a rather epic backpacking trek around the world, and I could not be more excited to hear about her adventures in person!

The week following that I’m headed to Belfast for a few days. Orla has been raving about their Christmas markets for years, and I’m finally going to go and see some in person. I think getting out of town for a few days will do me a world of good, too. Plus, the flights were only £15. Can’t beat that!

That will bring me in to mid-December, and less than two weeks until my mom arrives to spend the holidays here. She’s never been out of North America, and I’m so excited for her to come and see London. We’ve booked a hotel right in the city centre, and have lots of fun things planned. It should be really nice time! Plus, I miss her. A lot!

Come the new year, I don’t know. If I get this temp job, it will be a 3 month contract, so hopefully I’ll have that to keep me busy. I also really need to find an internship. Yikes.

Anyways. That’s what the remainder of my year is looking like!

Also, it’s still autumn and gorgeous here. I’ve been taking the dog at the house I’m lodging at out for walks and am loving the ever changing colours of the city.


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