Not really. I just couldn’t think of a proper blog title!

It’s been a busy couple weeks ’round these parts! I started a(nother) new job. This one is far more interesting and exciting that the others though. I’m working at the Natural History Museum! It’s an incredible building, inside and out- Cathedral ceilings, towers, a 4 story escalator that ascends in to a planet. The museum houses 70 million or so artifacts in it’s massive collection. The job itself is nothing fancy- Typical guest services/retail stuff, but it’s not a call centre, which means it’s the first job to exceed my minimum expectations in London thus far!

It’s temporary work at the moment, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I can stay. I’ll have to wait and see!

What else?

Sally and I have started a new endeavor of anxiety blogging. Well, kind of. We’ve decided to start doing projects to help with our anxieties. Both to lessen them, and work through some of them. The idea is still in the works! This week, having found ourselves without Internet for 4 days, we decided to start crafting in the evenings. On the first night we made bracelets, and on the second, pastel drawings. The creations themselves were nothing to write home about, but we had fun!

There’s not much else new. My big excitement of today was finding Pantene curl conditioner in the pound shop. It’s not sold in the UK, so I bought 4 bottles. Whoo!