Catch Up!

I haven’t been posting on here much lately. It’s been a combination of my own laziness, as well as there not being much of anything worth posting about.

I left my last job after deciding it was weighing too heavily on my sanity. No, seriously. I was having panic attacks in the bathroom on my breaks. It was not a healthy place for me to be!

I also decided to leave the house I was lodging in. There were a lot of issues and I was starting to feel very uncomfortable there. Sally and her mum insisted I come back to stay with them until I find something new. And, what luck! Their neighbour has just decided to rent out a spare bedroom, and for 100 quid less a month than I was paying, with a room twice the size.

I also found a new job today with a company who sound really great to work for. The work itself is not ideal (7 years of uni got me a job answering phones), but it will do for now. I really just need to have some kind of income from a job that doesn’t make me hate my life!

It took longer than I would have liked, but things are slowly coming together. Now I just need to get my ass in gear and find an internship!
That might be best left until the new year though. We’ll see how it goes.

I’m thinking of heading back to North America for about a month or so in the new year. The job I got is contract until mid-January. Sally and I might have some cool opportunities in LA in Febryary, and I was hoping to go home for a visit around that time too. I’m thinking a week home, a week in LA, a week in Washington DC (tentative, depending on whether something goes through), and another week at home before heading back to London. My friends Amy and Tasha have been talking about visiting London at the end of February, so the timing might work out well for us all to come back together and me play tour guide for a week before getting back in to real life.

I hate that I can’t afford to travel here yet. It’s so cheap, unless you have no money whatsoever! I am thinking of doing a weekend in Belfast in November or December as I haven’t seen Orla since February. Again, we’ll see!

Aside from that life has been relatively uneventful. Sally had surgery a couple weeks ago so I’ve spent a lot of time just hanging out around the house with her. We got The Office Thank You Project up and running recently, which has been kind of exciting. I managed to put the website together myself, which caused me days of frustration, but turned out well in the end!

Oh, I also caved and got an iPhone again. Going from 3 years with one, to suddently having a terrible Samsung basic phone was just too difficult a feat for me!

I think that’s just about everything I’ve been up to! I’m well, London is well, and I finally got around to buying a jacket!


4 Replies to “Catch Up!”

  1. Nice to hear you’ve managed to get another job! :-)

    Not sure I agree with the cheap travel though haha, I was looking at getting the train to London to see a friend this weekend and it was costing around £70 for a return ticket. Absolutely insane!

    I know what you mean about not having anything worth posting, it’s hard to decide what is worth posting, I often start posts about something I’m feeling at the time and then afterwards think – neaaah.

    Good luck with the new job!!!

    1. Yeah, trains seems to be crazy expensive here! And, honestly, by “cheap travel” I do mean relative to Canada. Heh. It’s cheaper to fly from Toronto to London and to anywhere within Canada!

      Nothing I post is very interesting. I’ve accepted that and now just go for it ;)

      1. They are, it’s robbery! Makes me laugh that the government try and encourage people to use buses and trains more often but honestly, it’s cheaper to drive!!

        Haha neah that isn’t the case, you’re posts are always interesting to read! Have you started that new job yet?

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