Day 23

I started work at my new job last week. I began training in one position, only to realize it was very much not for me. I told them so, and they kindly offered me a job in another department. I started training on Thursday and found it was a bit better. That’s not to say I’ll like the job- I really don’t think I will. But I’ll feel more comfortable with the new department at least. At least I hope!

I had the weekend off. Didn’t do much of anything during the day yesterday, and in the evening FINALLY made it to Pizza Express with Sally and Sophie. It was as delicious as I remembered, though I didn’t get the banoffee pie. Le sigh.

This morning I went to look at a room for rent, and Sally’s mom kindly came with. It was perfect for me. Small room with a bed, wardrobe, chair, TV, shelving, drawers, and an en suite, as well as an all inclusive price. I know they say don’t go with the first one you see, but I don’t think I’d find such a good deal anywhere else. The house was big, clean, and very nice. It’s also a close walk to the station I’ve been using. Plus, I could afford it! Always helpful! Heh.

So, I’m no longer unemployed and homeless! Go me!

(Not to say I was ever homeless. Sally and Karen have been amazing and put me up in their home for the past 23 days. I don’t know how I would have fared these first few weeks without their kindness and support and I am so happy to have been welcomed in to their home! Which brings me to another pro point on the new place- 5 mins from them! Heh.)

I’m still applying to jobs and am still waiting to hear back from ones I applied to ages and ages ago. But, for now, I’m getting settled, have some money coming in, a room to call my own, and the support of some amazing friends. What more could a girl ask for after only 23 days after moving halfway around the world?