Roadtrip Recap Part 1: St. Louis and Memphis

The road trip ended a little over a week ago, so I figured I should probably get around to doing the blog!

In July Sally, Michelle, and I embarked on a 3 week road trip around the US. We drove through 14 states, totaling over 6000 km of driving.

We left Niagara Falls bright and early on Sunday (July 8) and headed south/west towards St. Louis. We crossed the border in the US without any trouble (everyone got their visas beforehand) and off we went! We drove for about 10 hours on the first day driving through New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and stopping just over the Illinois border.

Sally at the PA border

We spent the night in Marshall, IL, which was as small town as you can get!

On Monday we were left with only about 5 more hours of driving, and made it in to St. Louis without any trouble. We stayed at the Millennium Hotel, as it was where Sally’s conference was being held, and it was very nice. It was downtown, just next to the arch, so a perfect location!

That first evening we were invited out for dinner by St. Louis native, Liv. We went to the famous Imo’s pizza, which we were all excited about. Sadly, we were not impressed. Like, at all. We’re thinking it might be something you needed to have grown up with…

On Tuesday we tried to go to the zoo, only to find there was no parking left. We drove around for about 20 minutes trying to find a spot, but eventually gave up and went to the St. Louis Children’s Museum instead. After that we headed to the mall. We had a lovely meal at The Cheesecake Factory, went to get Sally a SIM card for her iPad (that story’s a whole blog in itself!), and went to see Ted at the cinema.

The Magic House – St. Louis Children’s Museum

Sally in the museum

I then came down with some kind of flu, as trips usually go for me. As such, Wednesday was spent in bed.

Thankfully the bug passed quickly and I was feeling up to entering the world again on Thursday. Michelle and I walked around the city and visited the City Museum.

The Old Courthouse and The Arch

I thought the City Museum deserved it’s own post, which you can read here.

We also visited City Garden which was really neat!

It was also so hot that we had no choice but to run through the fountains that can be seen behind Pinocchio.

On Friday Michelle and I took a day trip to Memphis to visit Graceland. It was about 4 hours each way, and took us through Missouri, Arkansas, and Tennessee.

We stopped in at the visitor’s centre in Arkansas where the woman at the counter asked where we were headed. We said Graceland and she got very serious. She then said something to the effect of “As a mother and a Christian, I need you to promise me that you when you finish at Graceland you will be right back in to your car and leave. You can not be in Memphis after dark. Please, promise me you will leave.”

So, that didn’t completely freak us out!

Me in Arkansas

Way made it in to Memphis where we headed to the city visitor centre, Sun Studios, and finally Graceland!


Myself and Michelle at Graceland

Front of Graceland Mansion

Fun day!

I’m not a huge Elvis fan. I like his music and movies, but never went past that. I found Graceland really cool though. The house was gorgeous and they told lots of interesting stories. I definitely recommend it to anyone in the area!

We finished up fairly early, and decided to drive to the Mississippi border as it was only about 10 minutes down the road. After that we headed back to St. Louis.

Saturday was our last full day in St. Louis. Sally was still busy with her conference, so Michelle and I headed to The Arch. We got a package that included the Arch, a riverboat ride down the Mississippi, and a National Geographic Imax movie.

The Gateway Arch

Lewis and Clarke

The pod that takes you up the Arch. So small!

St. Louis from the top of The Arch

Riverboat Cruise

View of The Arch (and our hotel) from the river

That evening Michelle and I went out for Italian food and to stock up on road trip munchies at Target. The next morning Sally finished up her conference, we packed up the car, and we hit the road once again!