St. Louis City Museum

I haven’t blogged on here in while! To catch you up – I am currently in week 2 of a 4 week adventure. Week 1 was spent with Sally in Niagara Falls/Toronto. At the end of last week Michelle arrived in Toronto, and we set off on a 3 week road trip shortly after. We drove from Niagara to St. Louis on Sunday/Monday, which was quite the experience! We’ve been busy the past few, and I will post about that later. But right now, I need to discuss something very important.

Today Michelle and I visited the St. Louis City Museum. And it was the most amazing museum I have ever seen!

It’s enormous. When we purchased our tickets we asked for a map, to which they replied: “We don’t do maps. Just go explore!”

And explore we did! We started on the first floor with the caverns, which ended in us climbing 10 stories through a maze of caves and tunnels and winding steel staircases. At the top we reach the entrance to a slide, which we hopped on and took us back down. What?! I know! It was amazing!

After 1.5 hours in the caverns we grabbed some lunch (a whole meal in a museum for $6, which was insane to both of us!)

Next came floor 4 (floor 3 was a children’s aquarium, which was an extra cost, so we passed on), which had the most random assortment of exhibits, including a collection of working carnival games, ancient stone work, insects, rag doll making, a vintage clothing shop, and a trapeze school.

Now we headed outside to the 10 story all-age jungle gym. Which was absolutely amazingly awesome. You climb through tunnels and cages and stairways and tree houses up to airplanes and firetrucks and towers and it’s just so far beyond fun that I have no choice but to ramble on and on and on!

Our final stop was on the rooftop, which contained numerous slides, a dangling school bus, an observation tower, and a working ferris wheel.

So, basically, if the City Museum in St. Louis isn’t on your bucket list, add it now! These pictures don’t do it justice, but it’s the best I could do!

We are loving St. Louis so far. Everyone here is so, so nice, the museums are fantastic, and the downtown area is pretty mellow, clean, and easy to navigate.

Tomorrow Michelle and I are off to Memphis to visit Graceland. Woo! Sally is at a conference this week, so we’re filling our days until it finished and we head off to our next stop: Boston!


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