It happened again…

Update: This blog was a bit of a teaser. You can find the full story (with loads more pics) here- The Jenna Fischer Adventure.


That’s right, New York City. I found myself in the Big Apple yet again this past week. For those of you planning the intervention, let me assure you that this time was for completely different reasons, that I just couldn’t resist! (Hmm, I feel that is the type of thing one would say at an intervention though… Ah well!) And, really, 3 times in 2012 isn’t *that* bad, is it?

Anyway, as I said, this trip was completely different. After what has been an, overall, shit (pardon the language, but, it’s really the best description I could come up with) year so far, my friend Sally convinced me to take a break. So, after my semester at school wrapped up, and some personal stuff was over, she headed over and we hit the road.

I’ve never driven to NYC before, but after a recent rise in the price of flights it became the cheapest option. Our wonderful friend Carly offered us a place to crash, and we were set for a few relaxing days out of town. And I must say, it was a rather fantastic holiday.

We went to the Tribeca Film Festival, saw Once on Broadway, did some window shopping (as actual shopping involves something I don’t have- Money! Heh), and took in the sites around the city. Oh, and we met Jenna Fischer. Multiple times.

Sally on The High Line:

Tribeca Film Festival


Jenna Fischer-

On our first day in New York we went to see the premiere of Jenna and her husband Lee Kirk’s new film “The Giant Mechanical Man”. It was a lot of fun. After the show the cast got up to do a Q&A, at the end of which we were surprised by a shout of by Jenna asking if we were there. After the show we went up to meet her, where we received an invite to the films after-party. It was at a roof top bar in Chelsea, and was awesome. We spent the entire night star-spotting! In the days following we were able to see Jenna and Lee a few more times. Her publicist helped us get in to an event at Apple, and the filming of Live! With Kelly. It was all very exciting!

I just realized I never finished my last London blog. Woopsie. I’ll get to it, eventually.


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  1. It’s great that Jenna asked if you were there and that you actually got time to hang out with her, you both put in a lot of work into the fan website and you deserve it.

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