April Challenge

So, I’m currently waiting for WordPress to upload a ridiculous number of pictures for my London blog(s), so I thought I’d get started on my next planned blog: Monthly challenges.

Now, I’ve developed some not-so-great habits lately and have decided to challenge myself each month to make meaningful changes.

April’s Challenge?


I’ve always been a bit of a shopper. This past couple years I morphed in to an advanced level shopper, and in 2012 I turned Pro.

Now, I’m not talking anything extravagant. The one Cynthia Rowley dress I picked up was a steal, and I justify the Toms as being worth the cost for the comfort. Most of my shopping has occurred in one spot. My new best friend/ worst enemy: H&M. I’ve always loved H&M, but this year we’ve seemed to become pretty exclusive. I blame that entirely on it’s rather remarkable Square One shop.

But, no more! For the month of April I will not purchase any non-essential items. That includes online shopping. Which, after H&M, is my second greatest vice. Modcloth.com: I know you’ll miss me. But, you’ll survive, I promise. I’m sure with the 100’s of people I’ve convinced to visit you, you won’t even notice my absence!

So, that’s the plan. And I already know it’s going to be a bit painful, as April includes some time in New York City… Sigh. Not going to think about that now! One day at a time. And my bank account will surely thank me at the end of it.

I’m instituting another partial challenge, this one dietary: Cheese is only allowed twice a week. This is going to be more painful that the shopping! But, again, very worth it. I was going to cut it out entirely, but after numerous failed attempts, I’m seeing that that’s just not realistic yet. While I’ve been able to cut out milk easily, cheese is just a little bit much right now. But, I think cutting down to twice a week is doable.

I think that’s more than enough for April. My last two purchases for the foreseeable future (made at end of March):

Toms’ Cordones:

ModCloth dress for NYC:

Hopefully their pretty will hold me over for a month ;)