New Year, New Blog

This blog has been slowly morphing from ‘Spencer’s Travel Blog”, to “Spencer’s Random Posts”. And I think I’m okay with that! Now, don’t get me wrong- There will be travel posts whenever possible. But, now there will other, possibly less exciting posts to fill the gaps in between the travel (Upcoming: New York, London, Chicago, St. Louis, Boston, and much more).

As such, I’ll need a new name for this blog. I took out “Travel” already, but don’t like it. I need something more catchy! Ideas?

I already have a few ideas on what to post about, so it may become more of a lifestyle blog, I suppose. And I’m using the word “lifestyle” in the loosest possible terms, leaving myself open to talk about whatever I want, really!

Anyway. Any name suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to comment, email, or tweet (@spencersloane)!

Also, please check out Ending The Stigma. It’s been slowly fading, and that makes me sad.