Boston, MA

Earlier this month I went to Boston for a few days. It was my first time in Boston, and I had a great time. It was a fantastic trip, and I definitely recommend that everyone visit there at some point!

I left for Boston early Sunday morning. I landed at Logan Airport and made my way to South Station in the downtown area, where I met up with Sally, Michelle, and Moxie. Jennifer was also planning to come to Boston for a couple of days, but was, unfortunately, unable to make it. Next time! We went to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory (yum!) and headed to Harvard Square, where we took in the atmosphere, and wandered around some shops.

That evening we split up, and Moxie and I went to the Paradise Rock Club to see Death Cab for Cutie. The concert was amazing! I’m so happy I was finally able to see them live! The venue was very small, and general admission, but we got there early and nabbed perfect seats.

On Monday Moxie wasn’t feeling well, so I headed in to the city solo to meet up with Sally and Michelle. We started the day off with the Swan Boats in the Public Garden. Inexpensive, fun, and different!

We then wandered through the Boston Common, saw the start of the Freedom Trail, City Hall, King’s Chapel Burying Ground, and then grabbed lunch. That afternoon we walked down to the harbour and to visit the aquarium. It was so much fun! We saw penguins, turtles, and fishes. Oh my! We even made a few friends!

Later that afternoon we saw a film about whales at the aquarium’s Imax theatre. Meh. We then walked back to South Station and said our goodbyes for the day. I took the train back to Harvard Square and decided to have a better look at Harvard.

After that I continued on back to Moxie’s house, where we ate dinner and I spent the evening being thoroughly entertained by the comedy stylings of Benjamin and Miranda!

Very early Tuesday morning I set out for Sally and Michelle’s apartment. I dropped my stuff off, and we headed out for a day trip to Salem. It was a long, but fun filled day!

Our bus driver, Bob, spent a large portion of the drive there pointing out spots where people he knew (but never actually him) had met or seen celebrities. He stopped first at an island that had a lovely spot called Castle Rock, and numerous Adam Sandler anecdotes. At Castle Rock Michelle and I were the only souls in whole tour group brave enough to hike up the rock. Thankfully we were rewarded with a great view!

The next stop on the way to Salem was at Abbott Hall, home of “Spirit of ’76”. Being that none of us are American, we didn’t have the slightest clue what any of this was. But, by the end of our short time there, at least one of us had felt it. ;)

Oh, and Sally also wedged herself between two houses at this stop (Bob is to blame for this, honestly):

We finally made it to Salem! We had lunch and then toured The House of Seven Gables, Nathaniel Hawthorne’s home, the Salem Witch Museum, and the Salem Dungeon. Our driver, Bob, seemed to adore us and drove us around Salem throughout the day (as well as two other couples). The other 20-something tour goers had to find their own way around. We were quite thrilled with our luck!

It was a long bus ride home, as we hit rush hour, but we eventually made it back. We spent the evening gorging on pizza, Dunkin’ Donuts (Boston Cream!), Diet Coke, and watching Nancy Grace. We also did a photo shoot in out awesome shirts from Jennifer Eolin’s Cafe Press Store!

On Wednesday we headed back to the Boston Common area for lunch at Fajita’s and Ritas, which was delicious. Next door we found an awesome book shop, in an alley way!

We then headed for the post office where I discovered just how inexpensice USPS is (or just how expensive Canada Post really is…) for any sort of international shipment. I sent parcels to the US, Australia, UK, and Finland for a grand total of… $9. What?! Yes, I’m sure no one needs to hear my glee over the cheapness of a post office visit, but, c’mon! $9! Still floored by this! (For reference, this would have cost me at least $40 at home)

Anyway! Moving on!

We then headed to the mall. To buy shoes. We really know how to live it up, we know! It was then time for me to head home. Sigh. I made my way back to the airport, and, eventually, got home.

I can definitely see another Boston trip in the future. Good food, shopping, and plenty of sights that we weren’t able to fit in. Yes, Boston 2012 is a must, I think!


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