New York City, 2011

This may not be a first trip to New York, but it’s a first blog about it!

I had a great time this past weekend. I left horribly early Friday morning, but was sitting in a coffee shop in Manhattan by 10:30am. All was right with the world.

I soon after met up with Vi and tagged along as she ran some errands. One of said errands was in Limelight, which I’d never been to before. It’s an old church that’s been turned into a shopping centre. Very strange, but very cool. We also went to a Japanese restaurant for lunch.

That evening we headed to Times Square, grabbed dinner with a couple of Vi’s friends, and then went to see American Idiot. The show was excellent, as always, and after we were given a backstage tour by one of the cast members. Very surreal.

On the stage:

With Christina (Cast member/Tour guide!):

After the show we decided to do what any one who has been running around all day and has not slept the night before does: We caught a midnight movie. The King’s Speech. It was fantastic.

On Saturday we had a bit of a lazy morning and then headed out for lunch. At 2pm we saw a play at a tiny off Broadway theatre, called Three Sister’s. It was starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard. The show was quite long, and a bit confusing, but we enjoyed it.

Classic Stage Company:

After the show we headed back to Times Square and got dinner. That night we boarded a subway and went to Long Island City. The is probably the sketchiest part of New York I’ve ever seen! Lots of barbed wire fences, chained up doors, and boarded up windows. Also, all of the cross streets we passed had the same name. Seriously, weird.

Why were we wandering around Long Island City? We were going to see the awesome and uber talented funny lady, Jennifer Eolin perform in the Long Island City Theatre Festival. It was so nice to meet Jennifer, and she was great in the show!

With Jennifer after the show:

After the show we headed back to Vi’s place and I tried my very first bacon brownie. It… Did not go well. Heh. At least now I know, such things are not for me. I love bacon, and I love brownies, but I’ll continue to keep them separate.

On Sunday we got up early and headed to Penn Station to pick up Sara, who had come in from Long Island for the day. After (finally!) finding her, Vi headed back to the apartment to get her forgotten wallet, and Sara and I headed to Brooklyn for lunch with her friends Jessica and Courtney. That afternoon we headed back in to the city, found Vi at the St. James, and then got dinner.

Sara in Brooklyn:

Back in the city:

That evening we went to the Rockwood Music Hall where we saw one good band (NICKCASEY), one fantastic band (Jones Street Station), and lastly, the ever awesome John Gallagher Jr.

Myself, Vi, and Sara and Rockwood:

Jones Street Station:


Sara headed out to catch her train back to Long Island around 1am. Or, so we thought… Poor thing missed the train and was trapped at Penn Station all night. As my phone doesn’t work without wifi, and Vi’s phone died, we didn’t learn this until the following morning. So sorry, Sara!

On Monday morning I slept in a bit, got ready, and then headed off the airport around noon. I would up on an express train, once again, and was at the airport quite early. I’d rather be early than late, of course! I was just surprised to have gotten express trains both ways!

Anyway, there was some drama at the airport. Delays, cancellation of delays, more delays, gate changes. We left late, but got in to Buffalo early. Oh, JetBlue.


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