A Canadian in Paris

Alright! Slowly catching up on my blogging. I spent this past weekend in the fabulous city of Paris. I took the train up for Barcelona, which was very nice, and arrived Friday evening. I stayed at a cute little hotel around the opera house, and it was the perfect location! I was close to 3 different subway stations, could walk to lots of sights and shops, and the price was right.

It was close to dark by the time I arrived, so I went out to grab some food, and then called it a night. Saturday, however, was quite busy! I took the metro to the Eiffel Tower, walked to the Arc de Triompe, then the Louve, and finally took the metro back up to the opera house where I spent a good couple hours wandering around:

On Sunday I opted to go somewhere in Paris I’d never been before: Euro Disney! (Or Disneyland Paris as it’s now known):

Disney was fun. I’m glad I went. It was pretty much a smaller version of Magic Kingdom in Florida. Similar set up and rides. Space Mountain is actually much better at this one!

Anyway! It was a very short time in Paris, but I’m glad I went!

From Paris I flew to Stockholm, which has been interesting. Will explain that one in my next post.


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