Postcards from Italy


I feel like I’m falling a bit behind on the blogging. Although I don’t think I’m any farther behind than usual.

Anyway! I spent Sunday to Wednesday of this past week in Venice. What an incredible city! I’ve seen pictures, but nothing really does it justice. The entire island feels like a maze of narrow stone streets and canals. I got lost at least twice every day I was there!

I arrived Sunday afternoon and started to make my way to my B&B. There’s no cars on the island, so I caught a boat bus up the grand canal. I found the correct stop easily enough, but then managed to get myself completely lost on what should have been a 5 minute walk from the bus stop to thw B&B. It took me about an hour! Some roads were closed off because of a boating even taking place, and I got completely turned around. I don’t mind being lost. It just becomes painful when I have 30 kilos of stuff hanging off of me!

I finally found my B&B, settled in, and spent the next couple days exploring, visiting sites, and eating gelato!

San Marco:

The Grand Canal:

Rialto Bridge:

I had a nice time in Venice. It was leaving where I ran into issue! It took hours to get to the airport, which turned out to be an exclusive Ryanair airport. Ugh. It turns out that I needed to upgrade if I wanted a normal luggage weight limit. Umm, what? So, I had to throw out 3 kilos worth of stuff in the arrivals area, or else have to pay 60 Euros. I got that straightened out, and then had some ussue with the flight. It was 15 minutes after our departure time, the board said ‘On Time’ and there was no one from the airline anywhere in sight. Oh, Ryanair.

I eventually made it to Dublin, and then hoped a bus to Belfast. and, finally, after 12 hours of travelling, collapsed on Orla’s couch!

Hmm, I think I spent most of this post complaining about getting to and from Venice, rather than on Venice. Oh well. Pretty pictures will suffice, right?