This one time we went to Scotland and didn’t meet any Scottish people…

Okay, that’s not completely true. I think we met one, possibly two Scottish people. One was a tour guide who I’m not entirely sure was actually Scottish since was acting in character. But, anyway!

We just spent 4 awesome days in Edinburgh. We mostly wandered, seeing the sights, and in the evenings went to shows at the Fringe Festival. It was great. We saw two comedians, One Man Lord of the Rings, and an insane show put on by some drama students from Cambridge called When In Rome. We visited Edinburgh Castle and went on an underground tour. There was so much going on with the Fringe, it was almost overwhelming! Thousands of shows, street performances, and people everywhere. It was a great atmosphere. You could really spend weeks there during the festival and still not have seen nearly everything. We stayed at someone’s home, through Festival Beds, which was good. We were a little out of the way, but still walking distance which was great. Staying anywhere right in the city centre would be insane, price wise, this time of year. So, we were happy enough to walk!

The weather was lovely. We had rain a couple times, but overall it was great!

We’re in Belfast now. We’ll be spending the next few days exploring around Northern Ireland. I’m so excited! This is the first leg of the trip that’s new to me. Well, I did new things in London Edinburgh, but had been there before. Belfast is completely new! I’m looking forward to Giant’s Causeway and just driving around the coast.

Today we’re just taking it easy. We’re going to go to a local market and wander around some shops. I need sneakers from hiking tomorrow.

Better go get ready now though! Talk soon :)



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  1. Edinburgh is gorgeous. Did you enjoy the underground tour? Have you ever been to the Ednburgh Dungeons?
    Have fun in Belfast :)

    1. The underground tour was great! The dungeon looked too theme park-y for us. Really similar to the one in London too.

  2. Giant’s Causeway? That place looks so gorgeous in photos – I’ve always wanted to see it!

    So glad you’re having fun, but just HEARING about all your walking tires me out. :-)

    1. My feet have suffered the most. Poor things! Heh. I’m excited about Giant’s Causeway! Orla was there a couple weeks ago and he pictures are amazing. I can’t wait to see it!

  3. YAYYY! Glad you had a great time in Edinburgh! Did you happen to see Rich Fulcher as himself or Eleanor around? (Mighty Boosh reference, heh.)

    And now you get to experience Belfast with a local! ;) Woohoo! :) HAVE FUN, GUYS!!! :)

    1. When do you head back to school? There may or may not, but definitely is something there waiting for you ;)

  4. Hi there!
    Orla gave me a link to your blog. It’s fun! Nice pictures and stories. One Man Lord of the Rings? Sounds crazy and awesome. Crazy awesome. Crazome. (I need to sleep more… ) And you look so happy!

    The London pictures were great too. Particularly the one with you & Orla & the police box. You both look so fantastically dorky and happy. :D

    Edinburgh seems like a great place to visit. I’ve never been to enywhere else but London in the UK. Hmmm, wonder how much poorer those Ryanair Finland – Scotland flights would make us…. (I spelled Scotland with two t’s first. Michael would be proud.)

    1. Raisa! Thank you so much for reading and commenting! I didn’t realize you didn’t have the link. I would have sent it to you sooner. Sorry!
      Crazome? I like it! And Orla and I were definitely dorky and happy when we found the police box!
      Hope all is well with you. Can’t wait to see you in a few weeks!

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